About Us

B.A.T. has been in business for nearly two decades at Nashua Airport. Your instructor has 37 years of flight training experience. The goal at B.A.T. is to form a confident, thoughtful, proficiently safe pilot: one who thinks well-ahead of the aircraft at all times. The way that you think while flying is even more important than the physical ability to fly the airplane. To help you along in your journey towards attaining your wings, we will continually reassess your confidence level through friendly, goal-oriented discussion. Your confidence in your ability at each maneuver, as well as your self-sufficient confidence level overall. Confidence is essential to continual progress, and your continued desire and ability to joyfully fly for the rest of your life. Any doubts that linger will be fleshed out and addressed to ensure that you will joyfully fly for the rest of your life. That mindset is our goal and will be yours.

Regarding the physical aspect of flying, you will be taught the beneficial and oft-overlooked skill of "seat of the pants" flying. Your seat-of-the-pants flying tool will further enable you to be more anticipatory versus reactionary by becoming much less dependent upon the inherent slowness of the flight instruments relative to your much quicker God-given senses of touch and feel. Greater anticipation plus greater "feel-ability" equals a greater pilot.

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